The vision of a pearl farmer

Glenn Tehaamatai, a great pearl farmer since many years, shares with us his love for the resources of the sea and explains where the idea of ​​embarking on the mother-of-pearl of Tahiti came from.
He has always seen mother-of-pearl as a "noble matter" despite its raw appearance. Indeed, it is only by stripping and polishing a shell of raw mother-of-pearl that one discovers a mother-of-pearl in the colors of the rainbow. That is why he wanted to share this hidden treasure with the rest of the world. He opened its factory in Asia and created the brand ILLUMINATION.

Tahitian origin, assembled in Asia - a strategic choice
In order to offer a high-quality product, Glenn opted for a relocation of his factory in Vietnam. Largely for the Vietnamese know-how and their dexterity. "The economic structure of Polynesia drives us to turn to other countries for a competitive production aimed to the international. But his purpose is not to leave and do traditional Polynesian art elsewhere. According to him we won't export the culture but only radiate it  to others borders. This is why her mother-of-pearl is and will remain 100% Polynesian: "no other mother-of-pearl in the world is equal to ours". Indeed, its palettes of colors are not found anywhere else, making these nacres creations with unique reflections.